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10 inch garden scissors/ Fruit tree pruning shears/ Bonsai pruners gafling cutter

৳ 480

10 Pice Top Power Watch Alkaline Battery LR754 AG5 393G5 -50mAh

৳ 110

1Pc Garden Double Hoes Hand Tools Cultivation Hoe Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Tool

৳ 250

2 Liter PUMP PRESSURE WATER SPRAYERS Handheld Garden Sprayer Also Sprays Chemicals and Pesticides – Lawn Mister Bottle to Spray Weeds, Neem Oil for Plants and WASH CAR & BIKE (Color: WHITE) By MeTaL OnE

৳ 380

2 pcs Water Spray Nozzle Trigger for Bottle

৳ 60

2.4GHz Silent USB Wireless 1600DPI Optical Pro Mouse Mice For PC Laptop noiseless mouse wireless for laptop- Wireless Mouse

৳ 200

2000mAh Battery for Lenovo BL-169 – Black

৳ 400

2330mAh Mobile Battery for LIS1502ERPC Sony Z battery For Sony Xperia Z L36h L36i c6602 SO-02E C6603 S39H Phone Battery L36H

৳ 550

2410 mAh BL-45F1F Battery For LG k8 K4 K3 M160 LG Aristo MS210 2410mAh X230K M160 X240K LV3 (2017 version K8)

৳ 450

2500 mAh Compatible Battery for Lava Z60 LBP12500002

৳ 300

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